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What kind of events do you book?

Just about anything that benefits from a traditional rural setting and a healthy dose of Texas honkytonk.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, private parties, corporate parties, fund raisers, benefits, CD releases -- what have you got?

When are bookings available?

Fridays and Saturdays are our primo showcase nights for the best music in Texas, and for touring acts.

If your event can start on a Friday or Saturday afternoon, we can offer your guests a discount on the evening shows. It's a fine way to provide quality entertainment without booking your own private band.

Otherwise, give us a little notice, and we can probably squeeze you in even on a prime day -- just try us!

What services do you offer?

Our staff has deep roots in Texas music, Americana, zydeco, cajun, conjunto, and other local genres. If you need help lining up music for your event, we excel.

Our venue is suitable for groups from 25-1000. Not many facilities can support such a wide range of requirements.

Our rates are excellent, and we can work out a customized package to fit your needs and budget. Metal siding and a rural zip code give us some advantages beyond ambiance.

It's Texas -- what about the weather?

A few winter months get nippy, but most days, The Oaks is a great place for your event.

If we get a little rain, folks can head for our big deck and still enjoy a fine view of our main stage and huge backyard.

That deck is covered, so the party just keeps going...

It's Texas -- what about August?

Sumer evenings can be very pleasant, and our deck provides nice shade during the afternoons.

During August and September, think casual...

Does The Oaks serve food?

We don't currently maintain a full kitchen on premises, but have excellent contacts with several caterers. BBQ and Tex-Mex are popular, but we can also provide almost any fare from casual to fine dining, all at reasonable rates.

Or, bring your own fixins'! We're flexible, and recently provided overnight camping for some BBQ chefs who know real brisket takes time.